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Vscore is a Scoring Algorithm using a combination of Credit Scoring and Behavior Scoring. The first in Indonesia to combine both.

Vscore variables range from Non-Financial (Behavior) to Financial (Historical Volatility and Implied Volatility).

Vscore will give a recommendation score about an individual's or company's ability to pay.

VICI At A Glance

VICI’s Founders built the first and largest e-KYC company in Indonesia with Platform Bersama status from Directorate General of Population & Civil Registration (DUKCAPIL).

VICI’s Founders also built the first CA (Digital Signature Provider) with subordinate status from KOMINFO in Indonesia and the first to utilize Real-Time Biometric Verification for eKYC.

VICI’s technical team consists of a PhD in Theoretical Computer Science, a PhD in Condensed Matter Physics, a PhD in Experimental Particle Physics and other experts in Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Unique Values

VICI Super Service


  • Enrichment/Addition of Data Source from Client
  • Additional Parameter Input
  • Scorecard Adjustment
  • Additional SLIK Checking Methodology
  • Backtesting and Evaluation
  • Other Request to Discuss


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